*Check Original Page: How to set Email alarm for POE camera system?

Please make sure camera system connecting to router and Internet successfully.
Please prepare a Gmail email address and we will set up the email notification as follow steps.
Step1: Please Login the Google account, click Signing in to Google to set “2-Step Verification” is off, and turn on the “Allow less secure apps”.

Step2: Please enable “Alarm” and “email alarm” function. Right click go to Main Menu→Alarm→Motion Detect→Click Enable, then click Advanced to choose Record Channel and check the Send Email. Finally, click “OK”.
Region— click this button, which you can modify the motion detection area. (default motion detection area is all the image which camera can see,the red area is the detection range)
Period— click this button, which you can set the alarm time.
Interval— Alarm interval
Record delay— When the moving object passes, it will have a 10 second delay(Default 10s), and then alarm, can manually set it by youself.
Record Channel— The channel that needs mail alarm.

Step3: Enable E-mail function and fill email settings. Click Test until success. If test failed, please change another e-mail to have a try. Final Click OK to save all the setting (No matter test success or not, please click OK to save your setting first).