*Check Original Page: How to upgrade the Wireless Camera System? (For S/W version:

a). Please download the camera system upgrade firmware and then copy the upgrade firmware to your USB drive.

Download Below

W-NVR_K8204-W_3_1_6_0_9013160200 (For 4CH) Download Here

W-NVR_K8208-W_3_1_6_0_9013160200 (For 8CH) Download Here

W-NVR_K8204-3W_3_1_6_0_9021160200 (For 4CH) Download Here

W-NVR_K8208-3W_3_1_6_0_9021160200 (For 8CH) Download Here

(Note: Please put the upgrade firmware directly into the USB, do not put it in the USB folder. Also the USB system format must be FAT32 format and 2.0 interface)

b). Plug the USB drive into the NVR’s USB interface.

c). The camera system will automatically prompt you to upgrade the system, please click “System Upgrade”, and then system will be upgrade itself, The upgrade process will take about 2-5 minutes and after the upgraded successful, the system will auto reboot.

If your camera system only one USB port, please go to “System Admin”-“System Upgrade” and use the mouse to click “Local Upgrade” directly, and then it will prompt “Please insert USB Storage in one minute”.
After the prompt, Please unplug the mouse, then plug your USB drive into the NVR and the system will automatically upgrade.