G1 Pro 4G Solar Battery Camera FAQ

User Manual

G1 Pro User Manual


How to setup 4G camera


Q1:Differences with wifi cameras (Amazon.CA does not include the SIM card)

1.It does not require a wifi network and does not connect to a wifi network.

2.Needs to be used with a SIM card.

3.The camera version, SIM card operator, and country or region purchased by the customer, all three need to be identical.(most important)

4.Can only use local SD card storage video, no cloud storage function.


Q2:How to do if camera offline?

1.If poor signal in the network environment where the camera is located.

Adjust the position of the camera or restart it.

2.If the SIM card in the camera has no mobile data.

 If the customer is using our SIM card,


Q3:How much free traffic does it come with and how long will this last?

 The SIM card will come with 100MB of data.

Basically, each 10-sec motion detective video costs 2.5MB of data.


Q4: Countries and regions currently supported

 Europe, North America, Japan


    Q5: Incase of resetting the camera to the factory, will the APN details be wiped out as well?

    Restoring factory settings will only reset the camera settings, the SIM card will not be reset.


    Q6: Is there a mobile number on this included/builtin sim card?

    SIM card has no cell phone number, only the card number.