ANRAN 2K 3G/4G LTE Security Camera Outdoor Wireless


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ANRAN 3G/4G LTE Security Camera Outdoor Wireless 2K,

No WiFi Security Camera with Solar Panel,

Battery Powered Security Camera,

Includes SIM Card and 32GB SD Card,

PIR Humanoid Detection 2-Way Audio

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ANRAN 4G LTE Camera G1
ANRAN 4G Camera without Wifi Network
Multi-scene use

3 reviews for ANRAN 2K 3G/4G LTE Security Camera Outdoor Wireless

  1. Richard Davis

    Very good product. As i have existing commercial setup cctv this setup jus fills the gaps my existing cctv doesn’t. Infared is substantial an with my iphone 11pro i can zoom in close to stead of interest.
    I like the way you can use the cameras in range to use as an extender to get better range with further away cameras.

  2. James Holmes

    Very happy with system, easy to set-up and operate. The manual needs to be updated to include EsseCloud download, Billy helped me out with this- He is the “Greatest”.

  3. Jim Andrew

    I really like this system. At the moment, I have the cameras inside my home, so while I’m away I can watch my pets (my favorite thing!) & watch for intruders. A few weeks ago I moved 2 of the cameras to my garage to keep track of 8 puppies I was fostering for a week. Throughout initial setup, Billy at support answered all my questions promptly & made setup a breeze. Thank you, Billy!

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