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【With Audio】5MP Wireless Indoor Outdoor PTZ Home Security HD Camera with 20X Optical Zoom


(29 customer reviews)
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  • 2.4GHZ WIFI SETUP FOR THE OUTDOOR CAMERA:ThE wireless ip camera with superior WiFi performance and 5db antenna provides you more stable WiFi connections.Support Phone,PC,Tablet (Don’t support MAC)to remote monitor.Viewing camera via “CamHi” Phone App is available for Android or iOS device from Google play and Apple store and Via PC APP”HiP2P” to remotely view.Pls note that this camera need be powered by power adpater and don’t support 5.0GHZ WiFi.
  • FULL SUPER HD 5MP & EXCELLENT NIGHT VISION CAMERA:This outdoor wifi camera with 2592x 1944P resolution offers you crystal clear image quality. Extremely HD fluent 5 megapixels live stream give you a sense of enjoyment.Advanced night vision with 6pcs high performance infrared array LED lights extend the viewing distance to 98ft.This HD wifi camera makes everything of your home under control! Protect your home/office / business 7*24.
  • 20XOPTIONAL ZOOM DOME CAMERA with 64GB SD CARD:This Home WiFi Camera is Equipped with high quality 4.7-90mm Varifocals lens20×Optical Zoom with 360° pan, 90° tilt capturing every angle.You can zoom in to see more details of far-away objects without getting closer,or zoom out to get a wider and larger view.The advantages of the camera with 64GB SD Card is you don’t need other backend device or Complicated Connection to Record and playback the video.The max capacity for Micro SD Card up to 64G.
  • TWO-WAY AUDIO BUILT-IN MIC and SPEAKER: Want to know what’s happening in your home?Our wifi surveillance camera keeps you be notified with push alerts on your mobile device when motion is detected.Every potential risk will be identified accurately by this surveillance camera and sent email with snapshot to you immediately.Video and image can be stored to 64GB SD card was pre-installed into this PTZ Camera.
  • IP66 WEATHER-PROOF& PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOU BUY: High-quality alloy case, this camera is robust and solid enough to withstand Outside tough weather(-4℉~+140℉), ensures the excellent performance when used for indoor/outdoor monitoring.❤if you met any problems, please feel free to contact our customer support at support@anran-cctv.com,Toll Free:(866)-958-6988,we will do our best to address all your concerns❤


5MP Wireless PTZ 20×Optical Zoom High Speed Home Dome security Camera

5mp ptz camera

  • Intelligent 5MP IP Camera with high quality 20×Optical Zoom with 360° horizontal & 90° vertical rotation range Two smart /Easy setting up Wi-Fi for cameras, DIY Dome Indoor/Outdoor surveillance Camera for larger areas, parking lot, garage, workshop, small business, yard and any places you like.
  • Camera feature:
  1. Viewing Angle:90°
  2. Lens:4.7-90mm automatic 20X zoom
  3. Image Frame Rate: up to 15fps
  4. SD Card: 64GB Included but can preview the video, you can also install the Micro SD Card in camera, supports up to 64GB.
  5. Waterproof: IP66
  6. Phone APP: CamHi & PC Client APP: HiP2P
  7. Operating temperature:-10°C~+50°C
  • Before buying being note: 1.This IP camera only supports 2.4Ghz, not supports 5Ghz Wi-Fi. 2. Built-in 64G Micro SD Card. To be more convenient to use without complicated backend device.It can record individually without video recorder and hard drive. 3. when you connect the camera with network cable, Please make sure the smart phone and camera connect with the same Wi-Fi router. when you use the method of wireless connection, Pls change the camera itself comes with Wi-Fi to connect with Wi-Fi Router at your home by phone app. 4.Make sure your router’s Wi-Fi SSID was not be hidden. Please place the camera as much as possible near the router, and the distance that is in the range of 5 meters. 6.Please use included power supply with the product to prevent damage to the product. 7.This Camera Don’t Support MAC
  • This 5MP 20x Zoom home camera includes:
  • 1× 20X Zoom 5MP HD Wifi Camera with antenna ( with 64GB Micro SD Card) 1×pack screws 1×DC12V/2A Adapter for camera 1× Quick User Guide
wireless ptz home camera

29 reviews for 【With Audio】5MP Wireless Indoor Outdoor PTZ Home Security HD Camera with 20X Optical Zoom

  1. William Schmitt

    I purchased the first camera about a month. After I set it up and started to use it I was very satisfied. I just received camera 2 and 3.

  2. Kellie Denton

    Love your cameras

  3. Brian McCormick

    Works well. Setup was challenging for me. It seemed like I had to hold my phone very close to the camera to get it setup. Just having a good wifi signal wasn’t enough.

  4. David Edward Termondt

    so far really happy. Still trying to learn all of the functionality. Works extremely well in low light, love the presents and the quality of the zoom is really good

  5. Juan Walker

    The product seems like a solid and very professional camera happy that I found this purchase. I would definitely recommend this camera to a friend.

  6. Bryan F Ericson

    Easy Set Up!

  7. Shadi ghadimian

    Haven’t installed

  8. Russell Stater

    Really well made! Good manuals and a very fair price!

  9. Abdalla Alzaroog

    Very good camera

  10. Enrique L Benitez

    Wish the app had a double click feature. Double tap the spot on the camera and it auto centers and focuses.

    That and integration with google home would be awesome.

  11. Marc Iafrate

    I think this will work very well for my application. I have emailed tech support about an issue setting up the email notifications. i can’t seem to get them to work but hopefully they will be able to help me quickly. The camera zoom and quality is absolutely amazing so if I can get the email notifications to work, I’ll be extremely happy with this product!

  12. Kevin Gomez

    This product is good just that the software needs a update because it is pretty hard to get around. The picture looks clear but I wish it could move around by itself without no one controlling it.

  13. Rich Sherman

    Looks sturdy, should work well

  14. James

    Seems to be a good product. Had to have Amazon replace because the first one didn’t come with the SD card but besides that it works great

  15. Kathleen Fink

    It’s ok. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Hope soon.

  16. Shaun Nicholls

    Good points:

    Very good picture quality
    It was very easy to set up
    The Pan and tilt work very well as does the zoom
    Very solidly made
    PC app and being able to view/contorl using a webbrowser

    Bad points:

    Wireless signal isn’t brilliant so I had to run a cat6 network cable from the router to the camera which is less than 9m away
    No Amazon Alexa skill to view the feed on an Amazon Echo (which even 20 quid cameras will do)
    Doesn’t seem to be a way to share the feed with other people.
    Tilt could do with being able to go up a bit further
    Needs a way of being setup that doesn’t need to use the QR code stuck to the camera, as in future that could easily be unusable on an outside camera as I found with a Reolink one where part of the code had worn off due to the weather

    Overall I’d recommend it as it does the job even with the bad points.

  17. Alejandro Reyes

    I just got the camera a couple days ago and it’s fascinating it took me a while to install but it’s great It’s been really good for me, I really recommend i

  18. John Moran

    One of the rare pts cams useable on single-story structures

  19. Enrique Del Callejo

    El love the cam, just I don’t like the fact that the speaker is not integrated in the camera body, and the app… (camhi) is not intuitive, also I don’t like that when you pan de cam, is not very precise. Other than that… very good camera.

  20. Bruce Fitzgerald

    I just got the item. I haven’t yet installed it. I need more time to evaluate the product.

  21. Harold Brown

    Had problems with another brand, so I’m withholding judgment till I’ve had time with it.

  22. Kellie Denton

    I really like the ease of use with this camera and how quickly I am able to view it away from home

  23. Kim Garrett

    I wish it had person tracking.

  24. Tharon Lefrock

    Have not mounted product outside as of yet. But tested product and it appears to work as expected.

  25. Kevin D Hall

    I am still testing it I am extending the distance from my Wi-Fi to test its range I will get back to you with more information if you would like.

  26. Gregory Martin

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  27. james starnes

    Over all function is great. A couple of software changes I would like to have, the rate of ptz speed of movement setting is default of 45, I would like it to default to 1 because it won’t stay where I set it, it keeps reverting to the default.
    I would like the option of turning off auto focus and better function of the manual focus buttons.
    The camera moves too fast on the Camhi smartphone app even when the rate setting is at 1.
    Thank you for this camera, I am pleased with it.

  28. Mike Kelley

    Very nice product. Looks and feels like professional device. Not like cheep knockoff .
    Only issues is security software identify your software is a very high security risk.

  29. Ed Sayles

    I like the product it seems to work well Wireless is OK everything else is seems to be fine keep on making good products thank you.

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