If your camera has frequent alarm notifications triggered by motion detection, the following steps may help.

Reason 1. Historical Messages
Confirm if the messages triggered by the previous alarm has not been viewed. The messages triggered by subsequent alarms are repeatedly superimposed, which will mistakenly trigger the alarm multiple times.

Reason 2. Installation Position
Some potential environmental temperature changes may cause false alarms, such as water on the ground after rain, exterior AC units, heat source machines, and shaking leaves can cause PIR false alarms. These types of areas/objects need to be avoided. You can turn on humanoid filter.

1. It is recommended not to install the camera on the side of the road or in crowded location.
2. Do not point the camera at a heat source like the exterior ACunit to avoid being triggered by mistake.
3. Avoid the camera’s lens directly facing the sun to avoid being triggered by mistake.
4. Adjust the sensitivity of motion detection and reduce the motion detection range of the camera.
5. Alarm schedule can be set to reasonably divide the time period of camera alarm.
6. The alarm interval of the camera can be set to avoid uninterrupted alarms.
7. It is recommended to set the maximum shooting time of the camera to 10 seconds.

If the above solutions cannot solve your problem, please provide the device’s SN number and contact our support team for more help.