If your device is often disconnected, the following solutions may help:

1. Ensure that the camera installation location can get a good WiFi signal, recommended at 75% or more. You can use the “Installation Guide” in the APP to diagnose the network and determine whether the camera installation location is suitable and whether it can get a goodWiFi network.
2. If the distance between the router and the camera is more than 10 meters and there are many obstacles or solid walls in the middle, the WiFi connection will be unstable and easy to drop. (The pure environment can reach 15 meters, there will be many interference factors in the actual us It is recommended not to exceed 10 meters)
3. Restart and reconnect the camera and router. Check whether the camera has sufficient power, it will automatically shut down if the power is insufficient;
4. The current environment has multiple WiFi interferences and the 2.4G hz channel is crowded. When setting the router, try to choose a channel without interference or with little interference; try to enter the background management settings of the router and change the channel;
5. Move the camera close to the router to see if the image is clear. If it works normally, it may be that the signal obtained from the previous installation position is poor.

If the above solutions cannot solve your problem, please provide the device’s SN number and contact our support team for more help.