*Check Original Page: No Video Output on the Monitor/TV from camera system

If there’s no video output on the monitor from camera system, there are several possible causes for the problem, you can refer to the following solution:

1. The video output resolution of the camera system is not supported with the monitor/TV

*Please use your TV remote control to switch signal source. If the signal source is right but still can’t get camera screen, this is typically caused by resolution compatibility issue.

*The NVR/DVR default resolution is 1920×1080. If monitor can’t show any image of cameras, it can prove the display resolution of NVR/DVR is higher than your monitor’s, please adjust the resolution of your monitor to 1920×1080 or use a higher than 1920×1080 resolution monitor to connect NVR/DVR. (The monitor’s resolution must be higher than the display resolution of NVR/DVR. If not, monitor is not able to show any image of cameras).

2. The monitor/TV or VGA/HDMI cable is defective or damaged

*Please use another HDMI/VGA cable connect camera system with TV/monitor (shorter than 15 m).

*Please use another TV/monitor connect camera system and try again.

3. Camera system cannot be turned on

*Please change the power supply or outlet, use another working power supply and check whether it works normally or not. If the power supply is damaged, the power will be insufficient, resulting in the system unable to run and no video.

*Don’t connect camera system to wifi router and then check whether it working or not.

*Remove the hard disk (also don’t connect NVR/DVR to wifi router, only connect a monitor), and then restart DVR, check whether it working or not.