*Check Original Page: How to Set Motion Detection for Wireless Camera System?

Motion Record. Motion Record means to record only when movement is detected.
1. Right click→System Setup→Record Setup→Record Plan. By unselecting “Time” and selecting “Motion”, the channel will record only when motion detected (Click “Reset” and you can reset the default settings. Long press the left mouse button in the box and drag it, you can quickly set up the recording plan).

2. Go to NVR system, right click the mouse: System setup→Channel Setup→Video detection. Check Enable for Motion Detection
Channel: which camera you want to set Motion Record
Detection: choose “Motion” and need ticked “Enable”
Sensitivity: Sensitivity adjustment
Alarm duration: The length of the alarm recording
Arming time—click this button, which you can set the alarm time.
Area edit— click this button, which you can modify the motion detection area. (default motion detection area is all the image which camera can see)

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