*Check Original Page: How to Match Code the Wireless Camera that have network port to NVR?

If your camera has a network port, please follow the steps below to match code the camera.

Please refer to below picture to connect the camera to the NVR.
Install antennas for cameras and take it close to the NVR; Then plug the camera to power adapter and use a network cable to connect the camera to NVR’s LAN port.

Before match code please delete the corresponding channel  to spare a channel out for a new camera, then you can match and add new camera into the channel.

Match code the camera, you need to put the camera next to the NVR
1) Please attached a camera to the NVR (use a net cable) and the camera needs to be connected to the power supply
2) Right clicked to “Video manage”
3) “Refreshed” to allow the NVR to find the attached camera (The camera’s IP on the above box must be 192.168.x.x)
4) Found a blank line in the lower section
5) Clicked on “Match Code”
6) Wait for about 30s and the camera connect success (camera’s IP 172.20.14.x)