*Check Original Page: About Wireless Baby/IP/PTZ Camera

Q1: I cannot connect WiFi to the camera, what should I do?
A: 1) This camera only supports 2.4Ghz WiFI, 5G is not compatible .
2) Be sure your WiFi password doesnt include any special character(eg:*!?@#$%).
3)Please restore the camera to factory setting and set it again with the manual instructions.

Q2: Can I turn off the audio on this camera?
A: Yes, you can choose to turn off the audio, there is a mute button on phone APP

Q3: What type of SD card does this use? Micro or standard?
A: This camera supports micro SD cards, capacity up to 128GB

Q4: When the SD card is full will it overwrite the older recordings/files?
A: Yes, its loop recording, when the SD card is full the camera will delete the earlier recorded video so you don’t need to format the SD card manually.

Q5: Can this camera be used by Multiple devices at the same time?
A: Yes this camera can be used by multiple devices. You can share the camera with your family using the same app

Q6: Does the camera run on battery or do you have to plug it into an outlet?
A: The camera has to be plugged into outlet.

Q7: Do I have to pay a monthly fee to use it?
A: If you install a micro SD card for recording internally you pay nothing to use the camera. However the cloud service is charged monthly

Q8: At what distance will it detect motion?
A: There isn’t s specific distance.
When monitoring image changes, like people walking in front of the camera, the camera software will calculate if there are changes with image pixels or if it exceeds the threshold value between the sequential images. If there is enough changes with the pixels, the alarm will be triggered.

Q9: How do i turn off the optical white led lights that come on at night?
A: When you open the CamHi app you will see the light bulb icon press it once and you have the ability to change another light mode

Q10: Does it automatically follow motion?
A: No. You can move it by the app on your phone or the client on your computer.

Q11: Why does a camera disconnect on its own?
A: If you don’t have it connected via ethernet then the cause would be a loss in wifi signal. If connecting via wifi sometimes will loose connection (ie: disconnect), but reconnects within minutes. Also, the distance from the router as well if any obstructions between the camera & the router.