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Anran Wireless Camera System Upgrade Firmware2019-11-19T08:28:38+00:00

Please according to camera system version to download the corresponding upgrade firmware.
E.g. If your system version is “S/W version”, the latest version you need to download is “S/W version”.

S/W version: 2_7_14_20_21322230
S/W version: 2_7_14_20_22322230
S/W version: 2_7_14_20_22922330
S/W version: 2_8_7_0_21D22830
S/W version: 2_8_7_0_22D22830
S/W version: 3_0_5_0_9013160200(For 4CH)
S/W version: 3_0_5_0_9013160200(For8CH)