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Q48. What's shoud I do if the Network status always says connecting?

1. Make sure the NVR had been connected to your router with a network cable and then check its network status.

Right click mouse→Network settings→Network, check DHCP is enabled and click Application.


Right click mouse→Network settings→Phone APP,you can see Network Status shows “Connected”, which means the NVR has been successfully connected to the network.


2. After you connected the NVR to network but it shows "connecting", please reboot NVR or reset recorder to factory default.


3. Please check the yellow and green light on the ethernet port of recorder. One should be blinking which indicates recorder has connected to router successfully. If not, please change the ethernet port of router or another reticle to have a try.

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4. you can change IP manually, connect the NVR and the computer to the same network, check your computer's IP, gateway, DNS, and change the NVR system to the same. such as: my NVR's IP is, but my computer's IP is, so can change NVR's IP for

5. Please go to Network and click "Network Testing", test "Ping", if the test is successful, the network can be connected, but it shows "Connecting," indicating that the router does not allow NVR to access it, please adjust the router or do you have other routers? Please use another router to connect NVR.