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Q44.How to set up poe camera system Email alarm?

Please make sure DVR or NVR connecting to router and Internet successfully.

Please prepare a Gmail email address and we will set up the email notification as follow steps.

Step1: Please Login the Google account, click Signing in to Google to set “2-Step Verification” is off, and turn on the “Allow less secure apps”.


Step2: Please enable alarm and email alerts function. Right click mouse go to Main Menu→Alarm→Motion Detect→Click Enable, then click Advanced to choose Record Channel and check the Send Email. Finally, click “OK”.

Region--- click this button, which you can modify the motion detection area.(default motion detection area is all the image which camera can see,the red area is the detection range) 

Period---click this button, which you can set the alarm time.

Interval---Alarm interval

Record delay---When the moving object passes, it will have a 10 second delay(Default 10s), and then alarm, can manually set it by youself.

Record Channel---The channel that needs mail alarm.


Step3: Enable E-mail function and fill email settings. Click Test until success. If test failed, please change another e-mail to have a try. Final Click Ok to save all the setting (No matter test success or not, please click Ok to save your setting first).