Q41.How to view camera with PC client software (VMS)?

VMS is a PC client software, which you can view the cameras video in local and remote. Please download and install the VMS client software on your PC from the CD which came with package or our official website.

VMS for Windows: 


VMS for MAC: 


1. When your PC is in same LAN with the NVR (normally means they are connected to the same router)

Step1: Open “VMS”, user name is “admin”; the password is the default password “admin”. You can login directly.


Step2: Click Device Manager, then you can click “IPV4 Search” or “Manual Add” to add the camera to the VMS.


1. When your PC is in same LAN with the DVR (normally means they are connected to 

the same router).Please click “IPV4 Search”, then select the cameras which you want 

to add to the VMS and click “Add”. 


2. When your PC is out of local area network with the DVR (For example: view your home cameras from your office PC). Please click “Manual ADD”, choose the Login Type with Device ID Number, and fill out the Device name, Device ID and password. Click OK in the final.

Device name: you can define your device as you like, such as home, office.

Login Type: Please select Cloud ID (Device ID) 

User name: admin

Password: default password is empty. If you had changed the password, please enter 

the password which you had set.


Step3: Click the button “blob.png ” to go to the home interface. Please click monitor button “blob.png ”, and double click the channel on the left of the window, VMS will show the camera video.