Q37.How to expand the connection distance between the NVR and Cameras?

A:The system can handle very long distance. What is causing weak signal to some cameras are the obstacles (walls). Try to avoid any possible obstacles between connected devices.The following two methods can be used to expand the signal transmission distance between the NVR and Cameras.

Method A:Use antenna extension to cut through wall and expand distance.

When cameras and NVR WiFi signal is not strong enough because the walls, you can take off the original antenna and substitute antenna extension cord, make the extension cord go through the wall(such as drill a hole on the wall or through the window), and put the extension cord where WiFi signal is strong,please refer to below picture.


Method B:Camera cascade

Camera cascade:For example, when Cam2 needs to be installed where the NVR signal is not covered ,and the middle is just across a better signal Cam1.Then you can set the cam2 connection to the Cam1,The following steps will show you how to set the cam2 connection to the Cam1.


Step1.Put Cam1 and Cam2 next to NVR and power on them, then match code for Cam1 and Cam2(If the Cam1 and Cam2 had matched paired to the system, plesse skip the match code step ). Right click “Video manage”to go to Video Manage interface,click“repeater”.


Step2.Click icon “+” besides CH1, then it will show the cameras which could be connected to. Select the 2, then click“Apply”,after seconds to click“OK” to finish camera cascade.Then you can install the Cam2 to where you want to.

blob.png blob.png


Tips. 1.this function can’t strengthen WiFi signal, just extend the distance when cameras are installed at the right place.

2.If you can’t do the camera cascade,please check the software version of NVR and camera, then contact us for help .


2 Delete the function:

Move the mouse to the above of the camera which need to delete, then click the left button to delete, and then click the“Apply“button to confirm the deletion.