Q23.How to connect wireless Camera System NVR on computer browser?

The method is for both local view and remote view because they are totally the same.

1.Connect your NVR to your router using an Ethernet cable 

2. Check if system has connected to router and Internet successfully.


3.Find your system's Cloud ID.


4. Open website:http://www.dvr163.com/

You  had better use IE, not chrome, not firefox, not EDGE for win 10. Here is method how to use IE in win 10. 


A.login in with Cloud ID, Enter the correct device ID, user name and password.(the User name and password is same as NVR)

install active plug-in as required.



B.Log in with Phone APP account



By Username login means you can creat an account to lonin www.dvr163.com.

There are two benefits.

one is you can add more than one system under this account.

Another is you can login system on any computer just by remembering your account,not your system's information.

By Cloud ID means you can directly login www.dvr163.com by your system's information wityout registering an account.